Welcome to Gentle Transitions, where we are dedicated to providing unwavering support for clients seeking choice and options at the end of life.

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At Gentle Transitions, we recognize the profound importance of empowering individuals to make conscious choices about their end-of-life journey. Throughout this transition, our primary focus is on ensuring the person's comfort and honoring their wishes. We also offer specialized support for medical aid in dying, cannabis and psychedelic-assisted treatments, as well as educational resources to inform individuals about these options.

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At Gentle Transitions, our core belief centers on respecting individual choices and facilitating conscious dying. Our services are designed to empower you and your loved ones, enabling you to make well-informed decisions and discover peace during this profoundly personal transformation. Feel free to reach out to us to explore our services further and discover how we can be an integral part of your conscious dying journey.

“We’re all just walking each other home.”

-Baba Ram Dass

Marcie Cooper, RN, MSN, ADS, AHN-BC, HWNC-BC, GHNA is a board-certified Advanced Holistic Nurse and Health and Wellness Nurse Coach with nearly 2 decades of experience supporting terminally ill patients in hospice.

She is a graduate of the Conscious Dying Institute’s Conscious Dying Coach and Sacred Passage Doula program. She is a patient advocate and is passionate about supporting patient options, including working within the legal framework of Colorado’s MAID, Medical Cannabis, VSED and Natural Medicine Act.

She views the patient journey as sacred and is dedicated to enhancing patient care and empowering individuals as they navigate their end-of-life journey. Her work is driven by a profound desire to support patients and their families through this sacred transition.

Illustration of a Flower
Illustration of a Flower
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Supportive Services

Conscious Dying Coach and Care Planning

Advanced care planning is a crucial process that ensures individuals have a voice in their medical treatment and end of life care decisions By engaging in advanced care planning individuals are able to communicate and document their wishes values and goals for their healthcare even when they may not be able to make those decisions themselves This proactive approach empowers individuals to have control over their own healthcare and it provides peace of mind for both the individuals and their loved ones Advanced care planning also helps to prevent unnecessary medical interventions fosters more open communication between patients and healthcare providers and promotes a more compassionate and patient centered approach to healthcare Ultimately advanced care planning is about honoring and respecting individual autonomy ensuring that their wishes and values are upheld and allowing them to maintain a sense of dignity and control even during challenging times

Sacred Passage Doula

At Gentle Transitions we recognize the crucial role that doulas play in providing comprehensive support to individuals during their end of life journeys Our End of Life Doula service extends beyond the physical care that will typically come from caregivers hospice or palliative care and offer emotional support and guidance in various aspects We can work on whatever areas you feel will be beneficial to you Some of those areas may be a life review for individuals to reflect on their experiences and find meaning in their life s journey facilitating conversations and creating a safe space or using the client and doula relationship to help individuals explore their stories cherish memories and unearth deeper insights By advocating for their preferences from healthcare decisions to funeral arrangements doulas act as a steadfast support system patiently listening and voicing their concerns

Maid Support

Gentle Transitions provides support and resources for individuals who are considering Medical Aid in Dying MAID By offering doula support for individuals seeking MAID Gentle Transitions aims to provide comfort empowerment and personalized care enabling patients to make informed decisions on their own terms We work with you individually as well as with your family to ensure your wishes are honored and everyone feels supported and heard throughout the process

Natural Medicine

Gentle Transitions provides support and resources for individuals who are interested in working within the framework of the Natural Medicine Act in Colorado Trained with the Psychedelic Research and Training Institute you can be comfortable knowing your Doula understands these sacred plant medicines and can support you on your healing journey using options such as ketamine psilocybin and cannabis in a safe manner
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Feel free to reach out for a free personal consult. We look forward to supporting you during your sacred journey.

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“To heal is to touch with love that which was previously touched by fear.”

― Stephen Levine

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